Garwnant Visitor Centre – Forest walk

Back on a spring day in 2012 we went to Garwnant Visitor Centre in Merthyr Tydfil. We thought we haven’t been there before, why not give it a go.

We set off on this little adventure and eventually found the destination. We parked up, and instantly youngest spotted what was the most awesome rope swing, they absolutely loved it and couldn’t get off. When it came to my turn, I managed to fall off, much to the delight of my girls who were going through their Peppa Pig “Daddy pig fell off the swing. hee hee moments”.

We then decided to take a walk around the forest a bit, we thought what could go wrong, after the constant stopping to look for bugs,

Looking for Bugs

Looking for bugs

Looking for bugs

The path and growth got thicker and thicker, then we decided that we were no longer on any path and heading for a bog and nowhere could a path be found. The girls started to get worried and I just carried on looking for any landmarks high up, could I see anything, no I couldn’t, was it my fault, apparently yes. After about 15 mins of stumbling in the mud we eventually found our way out of the forest and continued on our journey, but with more of a spring in our step. As usual there was no time for photos so I did what I could.


The path opens up

We got back to the cafe and the girls managed to persuade daddy to have an ice cream and all was good, then a quick go on the swing again, and time to go home, everybody shattered. As we continued a warning light came on in the car, a stop at Asda and an RAC visit two hours later solved the problem and we made it home eventually.  We collapsed in a heap, but certainly was a fun day out. We would certainly recommend it.

For those interested here is a link to the Trip Adviser page

Trip Advisor – Garwnant Visitor Centre


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