Sports Direct – Time to Boycott

Sports Direct. Apparently closing down

I was shocked the other night when I watched a program on Channel 4 which discussed the conditions of how some of the staff are treated on zero hours contracts and how some of the brands I grew up liking are no longer what I thought they were.



Brands like Donnay, Slazenger, Dunlop, Everlast, Kangol, Karrimor and Lonsdale are owned by Sports Direct now and made by cheap manufacturers in the far east.

As I was trying on a pair of trainers the other week, I was told that the pair of Karrimor were excellent quality and the best shoes there, I sence a bit of upselling going on

Discount goods

Discount code

Another thing mentioned on Dispatches is that, everything is on discount, its true, every time I go there, i can never see anything that isnt on sale, I think this is misleading, furthermore they have been known to put up closing down posters, and then not actually reduce the price of the stock further misleading customers.


Distribution Centre

Most of the staff in the huge distribution centre, are all on zero hour contracts and seem to be under tough conditions with little restbite, sounds harsh

Well to conclude, I am now lost,   I feel as though I have been sold a lie, the brands I once liked and trusted are now knocked together in the far east, the owner Mike Ashley is very rich and getting richer and taking advantage of his monopoly.  Its not a wonder smaller companies cant compare.

I feel the only thing I can do is to Boycott the store and help support other sports shops.

The original program can be seen here.

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