10 things ive learnt about blogging after one week

10 things iver learnt about blogging in the past 7 days


  1. Blogging is hard work
  2. There are more bloggers out there than I ever thought possible
  3. Some bloggers seem to have the intention of taking over the world, or try and get as many followers as possible
  4. Writing coherent posts is hard work and takes up a lot of thought, I struggle to see how people find the time and effort
  5. Blogs allow people to build up a community who in real world terms would find it difficult, both in terms of getting out & financially.
  6. Ive found a real sense of community & ‘in it together’ with some of the other bloggers out there.
  7. I have many ideas, but cant get them down in writing, either because I don’t have the time, or I don’t have the correct words to write.
  8. I don’t want to pigeon holed into writing a blog about X or Y, it will also contain A and B.
  9. I need to improve my writing ability
  10. See all the above (its late and im knackered !)

Oh and there is linky ? What is that, ive added one from misplaced Brit ?

MisplacedBrit #StrategySaturday

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