Juggling my life

Juggliing My Life


As a parent, husband and employee im finding this living lark too difficult at times. Let me re illiterate,  I enjoy many aspects of life, but sometimes I just wish I had time to sit down and read a book, or watch a film without thinking I should be doing something else.

Let me pick this apart, I have a demanding job as a Software Engineer that takes up 40+ hours a week and requires me to be on the ball all of the time. I find this in itself is fun and challenging  but it leaves me a bit worn out at the end of the week ! I have children who sing, play trumpets, violin, climbing and various youth clubs.  We also have various church activities on Sunday and during the week that we  all get involved with. These are  just routine events !

Im in the process of trying to learn some new work techniques to help further career and trying to fit in a new blog (great idea that was) .  We also have house and garden to maintain which seems to take up a lot of time.

How do people do it ?? Let us know your secrets !!!

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