Teamwork works when camping !

This weekend we went camping, we left on Friday night, late (work hadn’t finished early enough) and we made it along the windy roads to Llandrindod Wells to Church House Farm, the site was lovely and spacious and only had room for 12 pitches.

Church House Farm

We arrived late and decided to erect our new tent. The tent purchase itself was a hard decision, and took several weeks / months of searching the Internet for what appeared to be the best deal on a budget, it took some doing and confirmed my belief that buying things used to much easier back in the day, not so many cheap imports and things were made to last, now I die by the motto, buy cheap, buy twice. So many tents to choose from, but after speaking to various people we made a decision, on a cold Black Friday we ended up with a new  Outwell Montana 6P.

Anyway going back to the mildly interesting story we arrived just after 7pm, found our pitch and set to work on this new monstrosity, I had built it the week before in a friends garden, it was easy ( there was 6 of us), anyway myself and Mrs P set to work, she had also watched youtube videos, we thought, right lets get this built in 20 minutes, what could go wrong….
Well, we tried 3 different ways and none of them worked, we were knackered, tired, and I at least was a bit grumpy. Thankfully some lovely people on the site rocked up and gave us a hand, 1 hour later after many hours of waggling and bending, the tent was up, phew, kids at least were very exited, they had made 3 new friends of various other families on the campsite, we were so grateful and thankful of the other campers and made us very aware of how teamwork, when put to good use can be used to achieve a goal.
We managed to get our bits together and cook some pasta, and finally sit down at 10pm #shattered

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