The fairies do live in Mid Wales…honest

For once I was truly amazed by an area of Wales that I have never visited before, its always been somewhere I have driven through or we have passed through to get to our destination but never actually visited.

It was called the Elan Valley, it was so stunning we went two days in row. We arrived on Saturday about mid day, went to the visitor centre where the rangers were very helpful and gave us a map and the options to explore various different routes, we were all very hungry so we all decided about a little stroll and then cut back through the forest to the visitors centre. as we went back to the car we discovered Miss 9 and Miss 10 had forgotten their shoes and had simple flip flops, this we thought at the time might be problematic, but the kids assured us that it would not be and they were excited to carry on regardless, as we set off the views were amazing, I was gutted that I had left my camera at home so these shots don’t really do it justice as much as I would like, but wow it looked amazing. we set off via the play park and were soon clambering up hills to make it to the first Dam called Coben Coch Dam  and what a site it was, here are two images.






It looked amazing in the sun, then looking to the right we thought we would keep walking alone to see what we could see, as we were walking, we got slower and slower and the planned route got smaller and smaller as the girls legs got tireder and tireder. After they ended up swapping flip flops for sandles and vice versa, I decided to take another picture.


Anyway we made it round the corner, took a picture and decided to turn back, the back we made it past the Dam and thought it better to go on a slope, down down the vertical hill. Anyway after a bit further along I got bored and we went down a scree slope, which meant bending down on hands on your knees, but we made it back to the cafe phew !!

I checked out the map and we had only looked a little bit, impressed by what we saw we decided to return the following day

Elan Valley Estate

The following day we returned to the Visitor centre and luckily found our self on a route that enabled us to return to Rhayader.

It was while driving along we stumbled on Pen y Garreg Dam, we parked up and found a small walk that was amazing, the girls were both amazed by the overhanging trees and wild flowers, we went a little further and found a lovely waterfall. It truly could of been off a film set.

Stream - Taken on S3 Mini phone !

Stream – Taken on S3 Mini phone !

The girls loved it so much and were really excited, Miss 9 said, “I just saw a fairy, it just went behind the trees, lets go and find it !” , we went hunting behind the trees and under rocks and behind the trees, but the fairy must have hidden, Miss 9 said “You can only see them if you believe Daddy, but its gone for a sleep now probably !”

I  love the fact that even given her age she still has that childlike innocence, as a parent you have to make the most of moments like this as they dont last forever.

Anyway we went back to the car and carried on our journey around the Dams and were really impressed at the scenery, we have visited Scotland and the Lake District and though that this was in the same kind of league and best of all in Wales !!! It looked like something out of Narnia or Lord of the Rings. As we left I took this photo, sadly it really doesn’t do it justice but might give you a small idea.

The hills of the ElanValley

The hills of the Elan Valley

We are already planning our next visit and cant wait to try out cycling, more camping and hiking in this amazing part of the world that has to be seen to be believed, speaking of believing, if you look really hard you might find fairies like miss 9 did too.

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