Wedding Day – Part 1

Well what can I say, feel so so blessed, this time 12 years ago I married my best friend.

It was the morning of the 3rd May 2003, I woke up in my own room at about 6am, I couldn’t sleep, I remember just lying there full of butterflies, the next time I saw Jenny would be at the church, I looked out the window, the sea was lapping against the sand, and more importantly the rain and cloud was beginning to clear. Everything seemed fine, so I just lied there for a little longer, and finally got up at half 8ish and went down for breakfast where I saw the rest of my family and friends who were staying with us in the same hotel. Anyway after breakfast I went back to my room and my dad came in and asked how my speech was, “I was like er, what I have to do one too”, inside I was like eek, anyway, I then sat down with Dad and we discussed various bits of my childhood some of my loves and funny bits to mention, oh and he also said whatever you do “Dont forget the Bridemaids”, phew another thing ticked off the list.

Next I got my suit on and it didnt fit properly, the buttons were all mis sown, thankfully a family friend was on hand I managed to rummage around in town and find a replacement.

We made it to the church about an hour before the service started, and then reality hit. I was going to marry my best friend 🙂

Also waiting in the hallway of Sandown Baptist Church loads of people I knew started to turn up giving me well wishes and posing for photos, for once I was the centre of attention (until my magnificent bride arrived), I got chatting to friends and family from all walks of life and it was really good.

Waiting for the bride

Photographer taking photos, I remember the Ushers were great and my best man was a great calming influence on me. I had a million things running through my head, what am I doing, is this the beginning of the end, should I run, I was so nervous as the time went on, then on the converse I thought, will Jenny turn up, will she have found a better offer.

The church got fuller and fuller and more and more people turned up, it was time for me to take my seat, I was full of adrenaline, had I got the rings, could I remember my lines. Anyway I remember, there was a commotion at the back of the church, the wedding party had arrived…

The wedding arty

Now was my moment, now was our moment……

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