Wedding Day – Part 2 – The service

There stood my future wife at the church door, my heart was pounding, bridemaids in tow looking wonderful, the glowing father, looking so proud, as they walked down the isle, I thought this is it, no backing out now.. Deep breath….

I was so nervous, didn’t want to say, or do the wrong, one final check of the rings, and i stood at the front and met my amazing, lush bride, looking awesome, having a big grin. The details of the service are sketchy, but one thing, slightly out of the ordinary was that Mrs C, soon to be Mrs P father did the marriage ceremony, he was an audained minister after all. At the point of “Does anyone know any reason why you must not be married”, I shouted “No”, and everyone laughed, apparently I was meant to keep quiet, but hey there you go !.  We soon passed on, said our vows and then we went out to sign a register thing, at this point i was just a passenger, I just signed here and there, and then smiled for the camera, and then we went back out as Mr and Mrs Price !!

Sign the register







Woo hoo, many smiles and hugs later, it was amazing, like nothing else, We were famous for a day, everyone wanted to talk to us, it was so amazing,  to see all our friends and family.

jenny and andrew

Then came our limo, thats right a limo (ok we just got married), how amazing, we jumped in and we could breathe again, our driver, another friend welcomed us, and we drove to our reception venue for more fun and adventure.

Wow a limo


However the best thing was, that I had sealed the deal, we were now huspand and wife and myself and the newly crowned Mrs P were about to start our amazing adventure together… How exciting….

Part 1 here




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