Camping Weekend in Bath

Scenes from the campsite

After a long week of busy work and some sad family news we finally hit Friday afternoon and took at road trip to Bath and set up for camping. I was extremly glad we didnt end up booking in Cardiff as the traffic for the manics / one direction concerts.

This is the second outing with the new tent, this time setting up was much easier than before, it only took an hour this time. We managed to learn from last time and get the pegs in the right way.

We booked a pitch at pitchperfect camping ! What can I say it was the best campsite we have visited, it was in the middle of  nowhere in the country side, I cannot recommend enough, friendly owners, well stocked shop (beer, wine and ales !)


Some real thought gone into the site, spread out & not crowded. with plenty of activities for the children,

  • Looking at farm animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, bees etc)
  • Bikes available for the kids to ride on
  • Climbing frames and slides
  • Horses in adjacent fields
  • Fire pits available to hire.

We had a great weekend and went to Bath for the day and managed to have a mozy round bath, have a nose in some of the boutique type shops and get some awesome fudge after an amazing demo by the staff at fudge kitchen, great fun and entertainment for the kids !

When it came to Sunday morning none of us wanted to go home. Cant wait to return !

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