Metallica – Birmingham Oct 30th 2017

So after waiting almost 13 years to see Metallica again, I could not believe the day had arrived. I even had a day with my lovely wife.

We entered the arena and the seats were a bit higher than I was expecting, I got the tickets 3 mins after they went on general sale, and were in the back row. The bass was a bit high. I so hope that Resale sights get banned really soon.


Anyway I was there any counting down the minutes until the start of the show, it took me back to being 16 again, I last saw them in Birmingham some 21 years earlier during the Load era, how Metallica and the world has changed in that time.

Anyway they played ACDC on the PA then ran on to “The Ecstasy of Gold”. They started playing “Hardwired” a short into track off the new album. They then kicked into “Atlas Arise”, wow, this track sounded awesome, dual guitars and one of the standout tracks of the album. Then Seek and Destroy, I was suddenly back to being 14 again. Even videos of the band playing live and back in 1983 played on the Video squares. Solos and Dual Guitar solos sounded epic.

Next was “Straw” of AJFA, which once again was in my mind a lesser known classic, filled from Riffs and key changes. Next was the harrowing track off MOP called Sanitarium, a slower track with harrowing Guitars that detail and talks about like inside a mental institution.

Sleep my friend and you will see
That dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage
Can’t they see it’s why my brain says rage

Video cubes showing people stuck in a box, unable to escape.

Next were a few MEH songs off the new album. Definatally Filler. For Whom the Bell Tolls was awesome, bit more filler and the new “Moth into Flame” , warning of the excesses and how fame can trap you and lead you to fail. It was a nice touch that they dedicated it to Amy Winehouse.  As this song started they sent up about 20 drones that flew around the arena. Awesome…


Next was a cracking Heavy version of Sad But True, then into One, that stopped half way through because of a powercut “Birmingham need to pay their bills”.

Then there was a pause and James picked a 15 year old boy out of the audience and congratulated on him being there and made reference to parents who he said were cool.  Sam will remember that for a long time.

The following song was Master of Puppets, absolutely cracking song and encompasses what Metallica are all about. Fast / Slow and just epic.

The band went off and then came on again. Playing “Spit out the Bone” awesome on the album, but from where I was standing it was muffled and not exactly great.  Then “Nothing else matters and closing with “Enter Sandman”.

It was a brilliant show  and over 2.5 hours of playing.  It was 8 years since they last did an arena tour and in their earlier 50s now I wonder how many they have left ?

Anyway I went home a very happy person indeed.

The set list was very heavy influenced by 2016’s album “Hardwired to self destruct”, but they are Metallica biggest metal band on the planet and they can do what they like !!.






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