Entering a Marathon, am I mad !!

My marathon journey started in February this year when I had the foresight/stupidity to book a room in the Royal Hotel in Llanberis on the small chance that I might be able to enter and run the marathon. Very optimistic considering, I had been injured since August 2018 after overdoing my training, anyway, I did not want to be put off by my failing and better to have booked than not try at all.

Fast forward to June, I had started running some smaller distances and after speaking with some friends, decided I have a room booked, why not? After speaking some people said I was mad, some stupid, and some, “Your brave”, “As your first, are you stupid !” All I knew was that I was entering a marathon, and I had a very difficult few months coming up !!

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After a few run’s things seemed to go well and I slowly started to gather confidence in my ability. Then having a chat with Dave and Bethan Richardson I decided to enter the Narbeth Nobbler, that was a whole other story Dave has written a blog post on this here.

The Dreaded Training Plan.

So after realising that I had entered a hilly marathon, I sat down with Mark and Marie Hurford and jotted down a training plan to get me to a marathon, it looked brutal, but to be honest if I was going to do this I would have to give it everything and give it the respect it deserved.

I cannot thank my friends who I trained with, and whom gave me advice and confidence to continue, but especially to Bethan Richardson who ran a lot of miles with me and gave me support and confidence to keep going when I wanted to give up.


I also managed to get my fuel sorted, one thing that didn’t help was a full english breakfast before and ribena and peanut butter for fuel. I wont be doing that again. I settled with a Salomon Agile 2 Pack, tailwind, and shot blocks, this seemed to work well for me.


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